How to build your stewardship philosophy

If you’ve read our previous blog posts, you know that the Christian Community Foundation is built upon Biblical Stewardship. Simply put, we believe that all of our resources on Earth belong to God, and that He has entrusted them to us with a responsibility to use them in ways that furthers His Kingdom.

If you grasp that concept, that’s step one! But how exactly do you know what efforts here are furthering God’s Kingdom? And once you make that determination, how do you decide where to invest your resources? There are seemingly innumerable churches, ministries and nonprofits operating around the globe. Choosing where you should give can seem overwhelming. 

When we have too many options, we struggle to make a decision. In our quest to give with a gracious heart, agonizing over where to give can transform our giving from joyfilled to stressful. That’s where a personal stewardship philosophy comes in. 

To CCF, a personal or family stewardship philosophy helps guide your giving efforts. It’s the framework that you use to determine the organizations and missions you support. It could refine your giving to focus on organizations that support children’s causes, or organizations practicing global missions. Every family or person’s stewardship philosophy can be unique and varied! Don’t think of your stewardship philosophy as limiting parameters, but rather a pair of contact lenses that helps you focus and make decisive giving decisions. 

How do you develop your stewardship philosophy? This can be a fun and enlightening process for every giver! We have a few recommendations to help you get started. 

Start in prayer and worship

Creating a stewardship philosophy doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, careful consideration, reflection and prayer. Whether you’re creating a personal philosophy or a guiding path for your family, spend time in prayer and worship as you consider ways you can make an impact for God through giving. 

Explore your passions

We believe that God gives each of us unique gifts and interests. Whether your family loves sports, wants to feed the hungry, believes in the healing power of art or desires to care for the world’s orphans, you can use those passions to find organizations that share your heart. Incorporating our natural interests into our stewardship philosophy can be incredibly impactful and inspire more giving! 

Connect with trusted givers

We encourage every member of our family of givers to actively research and engage with organizations they support. But knowing where to start can be a challenge. Seek out the guidance of trusted people in your faith community. Talk with them about their giving – they can oftentimes offer a list of organizations or ministries they’re passionate about! Even if your philosophy leads you in a different direction, you’re learning more about the opportunities that exist. 

Consider volunteering

If you’re having trouble defining your giving philosophy, consider volunteering. Oftentimes, when we can see and use our hands to support organizations, we better understand the work that they do. This may help provide clarity and understanding that could refine your stewardship philosophy! And, you don’t have to stop volunteering once you decide to give – we strongly encourage our family of givers to give not only financially, but also of their time and talents!