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Donor-Advised Fund Documents

Here are the essential forms and documents Fund Advisors need to administer their donor-advised funds.

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    Patterns create habits, and like a muscle becomes stronger as it’s continually flexed, your habits become more steadfast as you repeat them in your life. Whether the pattern is prayer, exercise or giving, making a concerted effort to do things regularly means you’re more likely to prioritize them in your life and schedule.  Habits are… Read more: How to incorporate giving into life’s rhythms
  • A look back at Hope for Memphis in 2023
    Did you know by having a fund at the Christian Community Foundation, you’re giving back to your community beyond what you grant individually? The Hope for Memphis Fund grant utilizes surplus funds from operations and fees from all donor-advised funds to create more sustainable, effective Christian ministries and leaders who are seeking city-wide transformation.
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