Why CCF?

Local people,
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When you partner with the Christian Community Foundation, you’re tapping local experts to administer your donor-advised fund – one of the best strategic giving tools that’s available. While a lot of organizations can help you administer a donor-advised fund, few to none can provide the level of local, Gospel-driven care that our team can.

Our fundholders love that they can pick up the phone and talk about giving to someone who’s invested in Memphis, is a professed Believer, and is genuinely interested in helping them become a more generous, strategic and impactful giver.

For the Kingdom and our community

Giving through the Christian Community Foundation isn’t limited to Christian organizations. Our donors give to thousands of organizations in Memphis and around the country, some of which have a mission rooted in Christianity and some of which don’t.

We call gifts that support needs – like food insecurity, homelessness, education, the arts and similar causes – common grace gifts, which oftentimes reflect the restorative work that Jesus Christ provided to people in need while on this Earth. As long as an organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in the United States and does not stand in the face of Christian values, you can donate to them through your Christian Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund.

Our work in action: Hope for Memphis

The Christian Community Foundation was created to help Christians in Memphis become more generous. To serve as a living example, our founders charged us to judiciously use our resources so that we could grant funds to Memphis-based ministries throughout the year through the Hope for Memphis Grant Fund. So we’re not just administering gifts – we’re practicing strategic, generous and impactful giving alongside our donors.

We have a heart for giving

Every month, we share content to create conversations about giving. See what we’ve been talking about:

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    Did you know by having a fund at the Christian Community Foundation, you’re giving back to your community beyond what you grant individually? The Hope for Memphis Fund grant utilizes surplus funds from operations and fees from all donor-advised funds to create more sustainable, effective Christian ministries and leaders who are seeking city-wide transformation.
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