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The Christian Community Foundation is a nonprofit empowering strategic, generous and impactful giving. Since our founding in 1992, CCF, along with our family of givers, has granted nearly a billion dollars to charities, ministries and organizations across the United States. Our founding mission and vision are what set us apart from other giving-focused organizations. Our aim is to help people direct money in a God-inspired way that can bring about transformation and healing in Memphis and beyond.

OUR Mission

Christian Community Foundation exists to serve Mid-South donors and ministries to facilitate the building of God’s kingdom in our community and throughout the world. Our mission is to encourage philanthropy and increase giving. We seek transformation of the city of Memphis through churches and ministries that combine Christian faith and Christian action.

OUR Vision

We seek transformation of the city of Memphis through churches and ministries that combine Christian faith and Christian action. Our vision is the transformation of the city of Memphis through the building of God’s Kingdom in the following areas: spiritual, academic, economic, relational.

Meet Our Team

When you partner with CCF, you become a member of our giving family. Our team takes the term “family” seriously. We seek to build meaningful, personal relationships with the people who trust us to help facilitate their giving.

Rex Jones


Shana South

CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Stephanie Jones

Dir. Donor Relations

Giving Through a Donor-Advised Fund

Donor-advised funds are our bread and butter – they’re an effective and tax-efficient way to help you set aside money for your favorite nonprofits and charities. It’s really as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

  1. Allocate. Create a donor-advised fund and allocate money for the fund. You get the tax benefit of a charitable donation at the time you add money to your donor-advised fund.
  2. Grow. Once you have money in your donor-advised fund through CCF, we’ll invest the money. It grows tax-free until you’re ready to give it away. 
  3. Give. When the Lord calls you to give, you can request a grant from your donor-advised fund to the nonprofit of your choice. You make the request to CCF and we handle all of the administration. It’s that simple.

So many of our donors learn about donor-advised funds because of the tax benefits. But donors grow to love them because they help you become a more strategic, generous and impactful giver. If that sounds appealing to you, we’d like to help you take the next step in giving.

Hope-Filled Investment:

The Hope For Memphis Fund

The Christian Community Foundation is one of the largest charitable organizations in Memphis. While our family of givers invests millions of dollars in nonprofit organizations they love, CCF is supplying Memphis ministries with grants through our Hope for Memphis Fund. 

The Hope for Memphis Fund is part of what makes giving through CCF unique. The Fund was developed at our inception as a way for us, separate from our givers, to strengthen Christian Ministries and bring God-inspired transformation to our city. Every year, using excess funds from our operating budget, we invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in ministries that are working to expand their outreach. 

When you create a donor-advised fund with CCF, you’re pooling your resources with like-minded Christian givers in the Mid-South. In addition to the nonprofits you directly impact through grants from your donor-advised fund, you’re also indirectly contributing to the development of Christian ministries in Memphis through the Hope for Memphis Fund. 


Christ-Centered Governance

The Christian Community Foundation actively seeks the counsel and oversight of Christian professionals in the community. Meet the team of people who prayerfully direct the future of the organization. 

David Bourland

Brad Crawford

John Dudas

Tom Dyer

Howard Edding

Mark Forrester

Robert Frazee

Howard Graham

Sarah Haizlip

Hamp Holcomb

Bill Martin

Bryan Miller

Katie Moore

Jimmy Murphy

Kevin Redd

Ben Smith

Harry Smith

Michael Stockburger

Cheri Wells

Laura Whitsitt

Kemmons Wilson

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