Ministry Spotlight: Memphis Teen Challenge Expands

Brother Cameron came to Memphis Teen Challenge broken and homeless. Crack cocaine had taken everything from him. His family had disowned him and his friends had abandoned him. Cameron came to Teen Challenge in need of a change. While in their residential program, Cameron rededicated his life to Christ at one of the ministry services. A missionary came and spoke at a chapel service and Cameron felt a call to the mission field. Over the course of the year-long program, God did a tremendous work and Cameron graduated, free from addiction. Executive Director Jonathan Lindberg talked to Cameron just last month. “He is now in the middle of his second year of Bible College, studying for a degree in world missions. He is living free from addiction, serving the Lord wholeheartedly and he is filled with hope for his future!”

That is the power of change that only Christ can give.

Over the past forty years, Memphis Teen Challenge viagra sans ordonnance (33 North Cleveland) has served as a leading faith-based solution to the drug problem. Thousands of men (ages 18+) have come to Teen Challenge and experienced a life changed through an encounter with the grace of God. Teen  Challenge believes change happens from the inside out. This Christ-centered approach to addiction has led to an 85% national success rate among all Teen Challenge graduates after five years.

There is hope for those caught in the web of addiction. Christ is the answer!

In 2013, Memphis Teen Challenge will be expanding their campus with a new ministry building. This new ministry building will allow Teen Challenge 15 more beds (raising the total capacity to 45 beds) as well as re-entry apartments for graduates. Each bed at Memphis Teen Challenge represents a life broken and in need of restoration. It also represents a family torn apart by drugs and alcohol or children and mothers who have been abandoned because of addiction. Their prayer is that God uses this new ministry building to make a greater impact in the Memphis community and a lasting impact on lives in eternity.

For more information or to help get involved with Memphis Teen Challenge, email Executive Director Jonathan Lindberg or call 901.272.2308.


above article was published in the 2012 Fall Hope Newsletter and was submitted by Memphis Teen Challenge Executive Director Jonathan Lindberg]