Non-Profit Spotlight: Memphis New Leaders

Memphis New Leaders
Transforming public education through outstanding leadership

Every day Memphis New Leaders inspire teachers, motivate students, engage parents, and involve the community as they seek “to ensure high academic achievement for all children,

especially students in poverty and students of color.”  Memphis New Leaders serve as principals and assistant principals in Memphis’s most challenging, impoverished schools.  The work is both a professional and personal calling, because they believe every child deserves a chance to succeed.

These highly skilled, dedicated, and compassionate educators seek to turn around our city’s under-performing schools and transform the lives of the students who attend them.  Participants make a solid, six-year commitment to serve our community upon entering the New Leaders program.

New Leaders’ work is grounded on clear evidence that effective principals are fundamental to school improvement and student achievement, and the belief that all children, regardless of circumstance, can achieve academic success. Demography is not destiny for children in New Leaders-led schools.

This school year, over 45,000 Memphis area students will be directly impacted by a New Leader’s leadership in Memphis City Schools (39); Shelby County Schools (1); Achievement School District (5); Charter Schools (8); as well as in other educational leadership roles (22).  Since 2004 when New Leaders began serving the children of Memphis, New Leader-led schools have consistently outperformed other Memphis City Schools academically.

New Leaders is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that receives public and private financial support individuals, foundations, corporations, and government.  In this time of school transition, New Leaders is seeking to broaden its base of supporters, and respectfully asks that you become involved with New Leaders’ mission.

We invite you to see the difference first-hand by taking part in a Leadership Matters Tour in a New Leader-led school.  To participate, simply call Liz Conway at 901-881-5119.

New Leaders works because it’s founded on the premise that leadership matters. We know that it matters in business and in government.  So of course, it matters in schools.  We know that a great teacher can change a classroom.  But you need great leaders if you want to change whole schools and transform an entire city. If you care about Memphis, about our

kids and our future, I can’t think of a better, more high-impact investment than New Leaders.”

Barbara Hyde
President, Hyde Family Foundations
Advisory Board Chair, Memphis New Leaders
National Board Member, New Leaders

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[The above article was published in the 2012 Fall Hope Newsletter and was submitted by Memphis New Leaders Senior Manager of Development Liz Conway]