Tithings and Offerings – Spring 2012 Newsletter

The following article was highlighted in the Fall 2012 Hope Newsletter

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In his recent newsletter Jay Link of Stewardship Ministries explains how churches today struggle to teach Christian giving. “Having spent eight years in Bible college and seminary, I can tell you I did not take one class or even hear one lesson on the theology of giving.” Link goes on to explain that his theology of giving was carried over from what he had been taught in his church and he accepted it without question – a 10% tithe goes to the church.

It wasn’t until he decided to do an exhaustive, comprehensive study to support the doctrine la viagra caduca of New Testament tithing that he realized that tithing is not biblical.

Link goes on to explain that nowhere in the New Testament is their even one verse stating that Christians are to tithe – not one verse. “Keep in mind that almost all the New Testament was written by practicing Jews who certainly knew well the Old Testament law on tithing, but none of them ever mention tithing as a basis for Christian giving even when they were talking expressly about giving.”

“Old Testament tithing, simply stated, was a tax that the Jews had to pay to underwrite their theocratic nation whose King was God. The three Old Testament tithes were the taxation system used to underwrite Israel’s national expenses. The Jewish taxes were never once applied to non-Jewish believers in the New Testament – never once.

So if tithing isn’t the basis for our Christian giving, what is it? Freewill offerings were the standard for the Old Testament Israelites and the same is true today for us. Voluntary offerings, contrary to taxes, motivated out of grace and love and in whatever amount the giver chooses is the giving standard for today.

Paul sets the giving basis for believers in 2 Corinthians 9:7, “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” Paul is very careful not to give a formula or percentage for how much we ought to give. The amount of our giving is decided upon after carefully searching our hearts.

Read the full article: Stewardship Ministries Tithing and Offerings [pdf]

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