Dear Hope Family, Sincerely Larry Lloyd

January 31, 2011

Dear Hope Family,

In 1997 when we started the Hope Christian Community Foundation our goal was and still is to assist donors to become, not only more effective in their giving, but to become increasingly more generous as well.

It appears that we are meeting both goals! I could not have imagined that Hope would top 100 million dollars in assets. I did not imagine that we would be giving away over 30 million dollars a year through the some 300 Hope donor advised funds. I am frankly not at all surprised because all of you have been touched by God’s grace in your own lives. It is only right that we share that grace with others through our giving. Giving is simply a result of God’s giving so abundantly to each of us.

I’ve been in ministry now over 35 years and I have met some amazing people in that span of time, people willing to give sacrificially to further God’s mission in our world, especially among the poor.  I am so encouraged that God’s generosity towards us is translating into our generosity in our city and in our world.

What started small back in 1997 has grown to scale in a short 14 years… like the tiny mustard seed. Today because of you, Hope is the tree that grew from that seed and is blessing ministries around the world, and particularly here in our beloved city.

Thank you for your generosity.

Larry Lloyd
Memphis Leadership Foundation
1548 Poplar Avenue Memphis, TN 38104

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