Giving Beyond the Check

The average American’s wealth is comprised of only 7% cash. The other 93% is in stocks and non-cash assets such as real estate, business interests, personal property and precious metals. But most giving is done by cash and check – the smallest part of a givers net worth. Give non cash assets to give more and save taxes without reducing your life-style.

There are three primary uses for money: give it to charity, spend it on lifestyle or pay taxes.

Normally, if you want to increase giving, you have one option: cut into lifestyle expenses as shown below. With asset based giving, you can increase your giving by reducing your taxes. This is wiser stewardship and it is possible by simply changing what you give rather than how much you give.

By donating assets instead of income you are able to accomplish many desirable financial goals.

Download and print out the above information in an easy-to-share pdf.  Giving Beyond the Check [pdf]