Journey of Generosity: Where Are You On Your Journey?

The Generous Giving (GG) organization based out of Chattanooga, TN in recent years has successfully grown generosity through leading weekend experiences called Journeys of Generosity.  Usually held over a weekend hosted by an individual or couple, these gatherings are guided by a trained facilitator and expose participants to the life changing message of generosity while engaging the heart around the topic of giving.

HOPE recently partnered with GG and took a handful of donors and board members through various talks, videos and Scripture centrally focused on Christian giving.  One immediate result that rose to the surface is that in our isolated culture and lack of community, we often measure where we are in line with the Biblical mandate to “be cheerful givers” based on those around us.  Drawing close helped us understand we are in this together and that God has blessed everyone differently, but all for His common glory.  We wrestled through several short giving testimonies (via video) and a passage from Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline before examining Randy Alcorn’s 40 Questions to Ask God.

The feedback after the all day gathering was overwhelmingly positive and Hope plans on encouraging more local Journeys of Generosity.  If you are interested in joining in for a similar discussion or would like to host a similar event, please contact HOPE for more information.  If you would like more information on Generous Giving, including attending the upcoming Generous Giving conference this October 22-24 in Austin, TX please view