Year End Giving 2008

“The Giving Season” is upon us. The most active days for giving each year start the day after Thanksgiving and run through December 20th.  For various reasons, many wait until the last second to fund donor advised funds or to submit grants to the ministries and non-profits they want to remember before the end of the year.

One of the many benefits to your Hope donor advised fund is that you are not limited by time to direct grants from your fund to a ministry.  If you do desire to get a grant to a ministry before the end of the year, we will cutoff grant requests on Friday, December 26th at Noon in order to cut checks and mail them out by year end.

We do accept gifts into your donor advised funds through December 31st at Midnight.  Complex gifts, such as stock transfers, must be received into our account by the end of 2008.  Please be mindful that many stock transfers take an average of three to five days to process.

Grant Requests Deadline to Ministries by Year End: Friday, December 26, Noon