The Hope for Memphis Fund Narrows Focus

The Hope for Memphis Fund continues to grow and is maturing in its grant focus.  The primary emphasis of funding for 2008 is to support development efforts creating more sustainable and effective ministries and leaders.  Initial areas of interest will be leadership training, strategic planning, best practices, donor development and development of measures of effectiveness.  The second area of interest will be for staff additions to improve ministry effectiveness or sustainability, such as development staff.

The Hope for Memphis Fund recently awarded grants to the following: Neighborhood Christian Centers LoveBuilders Program for marriage and family enrichment; YMOT Outreach Ministries to expand after school programs in Whitehaven; Noble Healer of Memphis Leadership Foundation to help launch this women’s prison re-entry program; Brinkley Heights Urban Academy to develop a master plan for the school and neighborhood; Emmanuel Episcopal Center to strengthen their after school program at Promise Academy and to Crichton College to hire staff for the development department.  The Hope Foundation believes these ministries are making a difference in Memphis and are worth supporting.

The Hope for Memphis Fund is currently accepting grant requests through March 15, 2008.  If you would like some more information on these ministries or The Hope for Memphis Fund please call 901.682.6201.